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Ranking of cadmium low amount measurement systems according to economic, environmental, and functional indicators using ELECTRE analytical method

Benyamin Chahkandi, Mohammad Gheibi* and Amir Takhtravan

Published: 08 September, 2021 | Volume 5 - Issue 1 | Pages: 003-006

Cadmium is one of the transition metals, known by the scientific name Cd. One of its main characteristics is the high toxicity, even in very little amounts. Cadmium is often released through industrial effluents, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and the burning of fossil fuels. Since the presence of cadmium ions in the living organisms’ body, especially humans, can cause serious damage to the liver and pancreas, and also because its role in causing cancer has been proven, measuring very low amounts of this metal is of high importance. In the first step, this study has reviewed and analyzed common laboratory methods for measuring small amounts of cadmium. Then, according to economic, environmental, feasibility, speed, and accuracy factors, all available methods were evaluated using the ELECTRE technique. The results showed that the extraction methods using Dowex Optipore V-493 resin and extraction system in Triton X-114 surfactant, placed in the first and second positions.

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Cadmium; Decomposition methods; Economics; Environment; ELECTRE


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