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Automatic control and protection of Coal Conveyor System using PIC

Dhamodharan K*, Mumtaj S, Hari Prasad K and Kamesh Gautham B

Published: 04 May, 2018 | Volume 2 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-005

The Coal conveyor system forms an integral part in Thermal Power plant owing to the fact that the overall efficiency of the plant is dependent on the rate at which the coal is carried to the crusher unit. But, as of now, only manual labors are employed to regularly monitor the operation of conveyor system which is highly risky. Hence, by means of a Microcontroller like PIC makes the controlling process much easier. The flaws that occur in the conveyor system are mostly due to the temperature at which the coal is carried and also due to the attrition in the belt. By means of a Temperature sensor and an IR sensor this could be regularly monitored and during any abnormal situation, this initiate Cooling fan in case of high temperature and signals an alarm whenever there is any fault in the system.

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Conveyor system; PIC microcontroller; Temperature sensor; Infra-red sensor; DC Motor; Cooling fan; Temperature sensing circuit; Tear detecting circui


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